We are a team of professionals
— Mills Ford


AVPros only uses licensed appraisers to valuate client’s properties and our team can prepare an effective assessment of your property by making a detailed examination of the individual factors that can affect your property value, to uncover the things the county misses, and catch any errors in their data.  With an accurate assessment in hand, we then take care of the assessed value protest for you by filing an appraisal with the county using the correct information.



Formerly doing business as Ford & Company, Mills Ford created AVPros, LLC to pursue full time tax relief by seeking assessment value reductions for clients. To ensure satisfactory results for our clients, AVPros only employs licensed appraisers to appraise your property and advocate for a value reduction. Just as the AVPros name implies, the team consists of dedicated professionals who will appraise, appeal and advocate on your behalf. As professionals, we will be there all along the way keeping you abreast of the progress. You have my word that no one on the AVpros team will sign you up and abandon you. Welcome back, or welcome to the company that gets results, and that counties fear.




Mills Ford is a licensed certified general appraiser in the state of Colorado with 40 years of protesting tax assessment valuations for clients. Other relevant credentials include: a Master in Business Administration (MBA) degree from the University of Denver, managing broker for Ford & Company Real Estate since 1974, and 25 years as a part time real estate instructor at the Colorado Real Estate Institute and Armbrust Real Estate Institute.