AVPros is ready to professionally challenge your tax assessment value. The result- reduced taxes for your Residential, Land, or Commercial properties.




If you were shocked by the 2015 assessment valuation increase for your residence, you are very likely a candidate for tax relief from AVPros, The Assessed Value Protest Pros.

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Commercial property value protests are based on the application of the income, cost and sales comparison approaches.  Our decades of appraisal experience and knowledge of the tax assessment system will get you results.

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Vacant land is taxed at a high rate, nearly four times the residential rate. A small reduction in assessed value will result in substantial tax savings.  Further, ask us about the “Developer’s Discount”, or the “Anticipated Use” methods of land valuation.

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How the AVPros Process Works

A residential property owner executes an engagement agreement and letter of authority, and pays the company an appraisal fee of $200 upfront - for single family residential properties, (other types of appraisals may be more). The engagement agreement sets out the success fee, normally 20%-25% of the actual tax savings or refund received. The engagement agreement also includes a guarantee that if a refund or tax savings, in an amount equal to the appraisal fee, is not realized, AVPros will write a check to the client for the deficit.  The 20-25% success fee is based on the client’s tax savings, or refund amount, for the two year tax period, if applicable, and is billed when the official assessed value reduction notice is in hand, or refund check is received.  Very often the Company recommends that additional tax periods, generally the prior period, be appealed.  If this is the case, the process described above is repeated.




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